▶ Jerky Sluts Twerking So this is what you want America ?

▶ Jerky Sluts Twerking – YouTube.

Sorry for some reason they took down this guys video, but basically it was under developed girls twerking to rap music, so sorry it was not my vid, but it explained the outrage of trying to make skeletons twerk .updated 11-20-13

Why did they add this word to the dictionary, what does this Portend?

How embarrassing, America… How embarrassing…’

My show was cancelled off of a fruitful network deal for showing ART , and tasteful works of art centering around the human form.. but now this…

Watch out those who have young children… when this is acceptable and well crafted video of art events for adults showcasing the human form become the bad guy and this becomes acceptable ya just gone and done it now…

IN True spirit of this post I meant nothing I just said..


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