▶ The Haunted Babyhead – YouTube

▶ The Haunted Babyhead – YouTube.

fellow web-heads assemble… oh hold on a call from Marvel…

OK, so strike the first sentence, welcome back you consumers of digital content….Season 4 of independent quasiradiowebshow is back… a short trailer may portend some of the great things this season will hold, or it may just be easy top use the imovie templates.. either way we will be back with our season opener on September 20th…so catch ya in a few weeks of the relaunching of the JB WeBB show… on WJBW networks  wwww.wjbwnetworks.com

Keep on enjoying the 30 minute original music show The circadian Cast, and feel free to drop us a line regarding getting your original music on our airwaves…..

or microwaves… viva la indie,


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