Local Legend Russ Rollins on the Next:WJBW Blogging Follies

WHAT.. ? WAIT..What ? ….Wait …What? …Was my Response when The Reverend told me who he had lined up for our Monday Night Show.8/8/16 7pm (The Rev Scheduled the Interview so I had to facilitate it) side NOTE I did not ask HIM Myself..just saying..

jb Rev pic

We are proud and honored to be able to have a No Holds Barred conversation..In studio no less with a major force for good in Central Florida.. We will have the  Main Man himself in Studio for a Local legend session..Proud to announce Russ Rollins of the Monsters in the Morning radio program will be gracing our humble show.


We will be working to learn more about Russ and get some offline type of stories (Things you Can’t Say ON AIR) from the man himself with over 20 years of making you smile in the morning , getting guns off the streets, raising awareness for worthy causes,Building homes for Veterans..



Wow what a truly Amazing Body of work and setting the standard for community involvement.For a Morning Radio Guy.. I mean Right..that’s impressive..!


Anyway if you listen you know Russ has an open book policy when it comes to what he shares with the audience and we expect this conversation to stay true to that whole concept. Plus maybe some F words here and there.. I am guessing.. as we are not censored..Nor do we wish to be..however I digress.

WJBW Ocho Logo

We expect to be hosting the in studio chat alongside Russ will be the dynamic Wendie who will add flavor and color to our conversation..plus I believe we will hear some interesting stories from Wendie as in our true form we will be chatting with her about her passions and talents..Strengths and business. StrongBody Fitness




So ton’s of great stuff on tap.. chat live or call us We do this every Monday night 7pm est streaming live via.OK papa…let’s do it Monday night 7 pm you know where you can still feel like it is the weekend and Monday never happened..that’s right.. The  JB Rev Show..every Monday night 7pm to 9 pm est.. we go LIVE and interview talented people.. join us.. and or binge on past episodes via your source of choice.. I am going to list them all out here..

Spreaker LIVE:


Or Download:


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So Now you have a guide for how many outlets we reach..CONSUME…


So to recap we are Virtually everywhere..except the Radio..


JB & Rev

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