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Welcome take a look around, we have tons of content on our site.

The most widely distributed LIVE podcast in Orlando with over Ten Distribution Outlets. We do a LIVE show every Tuesday and Thursday Night starting 7pm East and 8pm East, Respectively. We speak with Talented People All across the country and Globe for that matter. Helping to shine a light on the deserving.

WJBW production company also helps individuals and small business create internet content for brands, bands, events and products.We help those individuals or business deploy and manage a YouTube channel, as well as create original content.

Some #richhistory on our show line up, as some of you may know when we started years ago our goal was to help talented people get noticed, and so therefore we created an interview format that allowed us to record conversations and pair together, the audio with approved video or images from the interview subject.

This notion of a Quasiradiowebshow was unknown and only a few people were working hard to make a show of this manner,…very time consuming, so in saying this, we will be working to keep as much of the visual components on The JB WeBB Show,due to the fact that we are going to dedicate this show to Artist, Musician, Activists and Local Legend Interviews Also great live events… With the addition of Jerry J or The Reverend,,,WJBW has Grown slow and steady..we go live every  tuesday night at 7pm est ish..via LIVE AUDIO STREAM Chat or call in 407-379-9529


The original music we receive from bands and producers all across the globe well almost Canada,  South America, North America and Europe it is amazing so we showcase their music and will play YOURS too so send us an email with an MP3 or download folder or permission via submission to download from a page provided within email to : originalmusicsubmission@wjbwnetworks.com and any related Musician interviews will be available on The Circadian CastThis original music podcast is dedicated to help original musicians get more exposure for their music. We only play music from talented people , this could be YOU. The Circadian Cast is Our Philanthropic effort to spread and grow original music..


Buckle up because we keep your belly full of original content ,interviews,music,art and of course A good Cause.

Call in.Leave a voicemail  or join our voice mail #goplugyourself campaign. 407-379-WJBW (9529) 

Call us !
Drop us a TEXT  (407) 906-9328

 with any questions.? email  thejbwebbshow@wjbwnetworks.com 

or use the dandy comment form below..

OK..Viva La Indie, JB


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