The JB WeBB Show = WJBW = The JB Rev Show

This is a Quasiradiowebshow, taking the best elements of both and creating an informative and evergreen promotional interview format. We Resurrected The JB WeBB Show into WJBW from Audio / video produced show to an all LIVE produced ALL Audio Format in March of this year and we broadcast every Tuesday night 7pm ish. LIVE audio stream from this origin LINK The Jb Rev Show

Back to the History:

This talk radio with visuals concept has saturated, the marketplace with people jumping on the bandwagon, left and right…and even those poor starved attention whores who already have a radio show now feel like they need to have another show, well. boy howdy I am here to tell ya we have been around Orlando doing this since  late 2009.

The JB WeBB Show was the first to call itself a Quasiradiowebshow and coined the term, we are still dedicated to helping artist and other talented people promote their, well… talents…

We are delighted that after all these years the efforts of the past still have a positive impact, today and tomorrow, this is simply due to the concept of creating a promotional and informative style of interview that helps the interview subject maintain consistent branding of their talents across the internet, as it seems it is not going any where, it is wise to have a smart intelligent conversation available for anyone to view anywhere across the country, we are delighted that some of past interview subjects are still getting positive feedback from the Interview they did with our humble show…

We will be posting our archives here, so stay tuned… and also.,..Welcome aboard watch my show and meet someone New..

With the dedication of The Reverend we have added his name onto the show and will also be adding food as a focus for some of our interviews and attention.. mainly The Reverends stomach I think..anyway..Let’s Rock



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