Gaining Ground Gaining Speed ! please enjoy The Circadian Cast EP6

So when you do something continuously  you can actually gain a ton of ground on your objectives well then this is what you got right here… failure to not communicate…hold on what the hell am I typing ??

OK, so if you haven’t noticed, we are broadcasting every day, and getting some great feedback and collaboration to keep moving towards the goal, so we are doing a soft launch of our network, WJBW, and at the gooey core it looks like the circadian cast holds position, so please enjoy our daily effort to venerate original music, and do a bit of rambling apparently,  catch up on our weeks effort this weekend, each episode is a half an hour and you can pop all over the file to the part you want…anyway, i’m sure you know how technology works… please enjoy.. JB

The Circadian Cast EP6 | Spreaker – Be Heard.

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