Whizz bang …………We are Back…….Season 4 of the JB WeBB Show

Hey Hey Hey, Friends and people of the future …this is the blog update for our Season 4 premier of the Quasiradiowebshow, the original is back



We have an exciting season opener in the form of a social documentary of a great movement here in Orlando, FAVO…



So the Church next door bought these old hotels, and are rehabbing them so that artists can rent out spaces, great studio spaces and a great community, this is an exciting endeavor, so join us September 20th for the premier a whopping 45 minute production will showcase the artist, that were showing art that First Friday of September 2013, The event is held each first Friday…contact via website for more information..

Then, we snag a local legend interview we have been working on for a while, truly my very very favorite Orlando personality on, September 27th we will release the interview with this Local legend of the Best Radio show not on the radio, in Orlando, http://www.tomanddan.com/

it is Daniel Dennis…


So get ready for a new season, of the JB WeBB Show, we will keep honoring those talented people, please note all of our interviews will be dedicated to arts and legends, for original music you can always enjoy, our other venture, The circadian Cast..

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