WJBW Local Legend Series (Pay no Attention to that Man Behind the Curtain Edition)

English: Orlando Skyline at night
English: Orlando Skyline at night (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I need to be much more disciplined with my blog, so lazy,or tired,  or actually always producing,… but it is important to take time to chronicle your endeavors or else

one may grow bitter and feel unaccomplished.  It is healthy to take a look back and see what you have done, and learn and grow..ok, anyway, buy my book life-code is available now…well..not so much..not DR. Phil here…sorry.

No worries this week, we bring you our first Double Header Local Legend interview which is a new area of skill we cover, The Bar and nightclub and business owner category. We interview two Orlando fixtures who have a couple decades worth of their time and energy to bring a viable venue for music, art and a great cause.

Ep 59 we meet Will Walker of storied Will’s Pub






EP 60 we meet Eli Tobias of Thee Grotto Fame and award winning Black Chapel Tattoo studio




We honor these guys as they have consistently provided a place for all of us Orlando Locals to go see great music have great drinks or just kick back with our buddies, to find good times on the daily, these Local Legends are a rare breed, so go out and support these purveyors of fun meed, grog and spirits, and share the hell out of these videos if you agree…cheers, JB

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