This is my Mark !


When I was a young adult, I had the mindset that I would never get a tattoo I would never mark up anything on my body, ever. So I guess I was wrong, this happened just about a week ago, I decided to get my mark on my flesh. After this year of major loss both personally and professionally. Getting this tattoo of a mark I created over twenty years ago, and claimed it to be my mark. In the ancient world slaves would be branded, soldiers and the like, anyone in service to a master or army or country, it is just how people knew who belonged to who. At the time it was the powers that be would actually have a brand or a mark. I did not do this to state that I am an overlord from the ancient world demanding all humans to be branded with my mark, no quite the contrary, I chose this image due to all of the years Of me not being true to myself, but instead always trying to please someone else, a parent ,teacher,a religion or an organization or even a boss.. Or ex wives or even children.
True it is important to understand how to serve before being served, the best master was first a servant. So I chose to mark my flesh as a statement that, I am finally making sure that my body mind spirit are fit. I plan on continuing to create my own brand of content in the years to come and this constant reminder will continue to flame the embers on my passion for internet broadcasting,and general content creation.
Viva la indie

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