Wants and Meads

Whilst basking in the first true cold weather of the season, coupled with a steady recumbent body and shadow , one may succumb to nostalgia at the entrance of the day of thanks.
Ok, that’s my impromptu ancient sound spiel for thanksgiving, and of course we will also expose an ancient secret that needs to be shared thusly…
We for some reason have not yet discovered the bounty and fullness of a most glorious liquid named Mead.

Made from honey, it presents itself in many wondrous forms and flavors and yes even the bubbly.
We are sharing the first with a picture , this remarkable drink needs to be chilled, and I suggest consumed in something
like a Brandi snifter or a wide mouth glass so you can really breathe the whole thing in. I have found that Mead in General seems to awakens other areas of taste and smell that just plain old beer really lacks. Oh ya simple tip do not mix Mead with other alcohol or wine… Other meads..yes, Trust me.


Anyway here is the info on the product, this product is a great alternative to beer, and even so much so as they have put it in a six pack of cans in case you do not like the badass jug it comes in…

We will post another one soon as this kind of foodie post will be found in one (WJBW Networks) of our new shows, that we decided to change the name of from drunky the podcast to hungry and thirsty the podcast.
Oh ya but this post is really all about the Mead.

More to come
Viola JB



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