IFTTT Launches iOS Location Channel With Integrations For Foursquare, Twitter, Instagram And Facebook

Great news for this growing social automation we shared with you months ago, now added into the mix is a location channel.
You can get really sophisticated with your social automation, using IFTTT
I suggest starting out with the existing recipes, before creating your own, unless of course you have a heightened sense of technology.
So I am rebooting this from tech crunch, which is lazy in itself, however I have across post recipes from WordPress to blogger, that will post this post on my other outlets for me, and so on, so tip of the day, give yourself the best IFTTT of the season..


Today, IFTTT announces the addition of an iOS Location channel to its ‘Internet glue’ service. The channel will allow users to specify an ‘area’ that will allow them to trigger actions and recipes based on when they enter or leave that area.

Think, for instance, of setting up an IFTTT recipe that allows you to send a DM automatically to your loved one when you arrive at at a travel destination. Or one that allows you to zip a circle around your neighborhood and alert you when one of your friends checks in on Foursquare nearby.

I spoke with IFTTT CEO Linden Tibbets and Director of Mobile Devin Foley about the updates to the app. Foley mentions that he set up a ‘dance party’ recipe to trigger his Phillips Hue lights to color cycle when he gets close to his house, a fun way to let his son know that…

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