Let them eat rice cakes!

With the economy slowly recovering, we are using all the tools we have, so digging through some storage boxes in the garage, we scored!!
This is a shot of some studio graphics on our light wall, we are using ancient methods and a treasure trove of found images from relatives beloved, but since parted from this world. These images are from strip around the world in the late nineteen fifties, so we are working to snap shots and repost, right from our site as the trip rendered tons of great images, funny how there was not one selfie…..so the point?
Exclusive content is coming to our site very soon.
We have tons. New pictures and old audio, from the past we are working to curate better, and then we will be uploading this content directly to our site so that we will be the source of this content. We are finally moving close to getting into a regular schedule of blogging and content posting, while we continue to create content, whew! At any point we are independent and working to collaborate more with you. So just drop us a note, on our site to request an interview share your skill set or submit original music, it all goes down right here. Cheers, to you… JB.

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