The JB WeBB Show EP 64 Local Business Report “Dechoes”

Hey Hey we are back again the renegade master so Rock the House,this week we provide you with a double header local business report Dechoes has some great history here in Orlando, we speak with a true artist and rock star who is actually the a humble hardworking business owner team here in Orlando so check it out . We were able to speak with Kerri Colangelo about some history of Dechoes plus we here more about all the teamwork it takes to continue to bring Orlando cool vintage clothes. We were able to pop in before the launch of Dechoes spring collection with their Wine Not Wednesday night party. Find out how you can also sell your stuff, to Dechoes.Or like me buy some cool new green Adidas.
Then we provide you with an endorsement of the Orlando Farmers market, take a virtual walk through the Farmers market accompanied by the musical styling of Joseph Martens who is often the live musical act in the beer garden.
The website for the Farmers Market is here in case your curious
Cheers, see you next time…JB


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