The Circadian Cast EP 32 Ode to Sunday (made with Spreaker)

via IFTTTSource:

Over 20 years ago, i used to work for an underground alternative radio station in Daytona that took over the frequency of another station but just at night,from like 6pm on,, so I had sunday nights,and sunday bloody sunday was an awesome night at the 701 south club in daytona, so I was always pissed to miss it but I i had agood excuse i was on the radio working anyway too much info. i guess point is this episode is in memeory of this time before the internet when We are in essence doing the same thing we are doing now, playing original music we have great music sent to us from all across the country this time so buckle of faint of heart go listen to something else I guess..oh ya …so it looks like people keep sending us music so now we can at least do this show once a week, the more music you send the more we can keep doing this send your original music or approval to download to
cheers, JB

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