The JB WeBB Show EP 67 StreetJelly

via IFTTTSo what is well in this episode we speak with hard working visionary founder of street Jelly, Frank Podlaha. Franks shares with us the origin of this great online busking site, where you can broadcast from your home get tips, just like a real street musician but on the internet, and without the worry that someone will creep your money out of your hat or guitar box, so give a listen to this creative music activist, as he has a deep understanding of technology and a passion for music, he is actually making things happen for those who can already see his vision and already know that Street Jelly rocks the house, in fact your house potentially it is free to sign up and you can view great talnet or perhpas start performing yourself, so check this out now, if you love music…..cheers, JB

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