The JB WeBB Show #pnj20 “Bonus Reel”

via IFTTTSo this is top secret right, lets just keep this between us for right now, ok… we are going to release three episodes tomorrow but wanted to leak this encapsulated footage from Phat n Jazzy 20 year celebration this weekend, but this stuff is too good to wait until tomorrow so enjoy four minutes of bliss provided by the institution that is Phat n Jazzy this huge vibe that originates from right here in Orlando… by a group of legendary people this excerpt has DJ BMF with Gerry Williams & Swamburger doing a great job of portraying all that is Phat n Jazzy. More to come enjoy the early release..oh wait that’s weird, i should just stop while I am ahead, please enjoy our indie offering of the real Orlando, live @thesocial downtown O-town,,,viva la indie…JB

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