The JB WeBB Show Local Legend Phat n Jazzy

via IFTTTWhat is up,? Oh man, This took me a bit longer than expected so please enjoy.We offer up a big honking serving of the real Orlando right here. Welcome to episode 69 of our humble production, we have an hour long show that is dedicated to Orlando’s own larger than Life event, The legendary “Phat n Jazzy”. Yes that’s right we are calling an event a Local Legend and no one can stop us…Anyway, Since 1994 this event has helped musicians ,DJ’s, singers rappers, Horn players and those with the like mind to get together and Jam the light Phatastic. Ok, i just made that up but The night was amazing as We were able to get a bit of room in the back of The Social and interview these legendary DJ’s and promoters So we not only get to chat with the The founders of Phat n Jazzy: DJ BMF and DJ Slack. We also had the opportunity to speak with Orlando Phat n Jazzy fans, supporters,Orlando notables and significant contributors to Phat n Jazzy, just to provide YOU with a rock solid sense of the magnitude of this legendary Orlando institution. We speak with Q-burns Abstract Message, Swamburger,Gerry Williams and down from NYC, Nickodemous. Hold on let me clear my throat…..ah ah ah.OK.
Well let me just say thanks to those at the Social and those founders of Phat n Jazzy for allowing me to come in and document #pnj20 this true and clear joy factory for those in Orlando and abroad who love this music and this scene, and want to see it hang around for another twenty Years and beyond ,cheers and Viva la Indie JB

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