The Jb WeBB Show LIVE Ep 72 from City Arts Factory #Twitterartexhibit

via IFTTTHello and howdy, we are going to provide you with about a half an hour of live feed from Downtown Orlando’s City Arts Factory. We are working to help promote the global event #twitterartexhibit  . I hope this goes smoothly as we plan to share some conversations with David Sandum, . Swedish Americanized painter in Norway & fellow human being. Robin Maria Pedrero the Curator of Orlando #Twitterartexhibit .  Plus any one else we can grab to come chat. So feel free to join us on the On Air Hangout or of course, if your too busy  post event you can view it on demand. Well as I keep saying “Viva La Indie ” ..buckle up here we go…cheers…JB

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