The Circadian Cast EP 35 GRUNGEFUNK Vol1 (made with Spreaker)

via IFTTTSource:

What’s Crackin Home skillets..? Hey now since I have the gumption, I may as well show ya what we got. We do a spot of #breakingnewsbadly to share info about Some great Grungefunk Vol1 of course i just made this name up none of these band are one or the other…but i rattle on needlessly…the recipe for your original music capsule today will contain music from The dirty Cakes band, then the funky vibes of Futuristic Diner, a sprinkle of some Rocketfish and a top it all with a Buster Keaton , well it sounded better in my head..anyway go invest in some original music today and keep on giving us supportive hugs….cheers, JB

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