The Circadian Cast EP 41 #onthefly LIVE (made with Spreaker)

via IFTTTSource:

Join us LIVE, as we unbelievably are on point to have an episode every week for the last year totally not in that order. EP 41 #onthefly is dedicated to the #hustle of being an independent. We have been doing this show since 8-29-13 so doing the math this is episode 41 we are on track to land EP 52 by that time this year, so freaking happy day… happy day, or whatever.. oH Ya go to for more great music and visit our website just for the hell of it like some people you can come complain on our website we dont care what you do there as long as you are there. So thanks for all the support keep rocking the sure shot, and as always Viva la indie..JB

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