Now we are Cooking with GAS.

Little bit by Little bit our fledgling network is growing.We are happy to announce anew addition to our SHOW line up. Please allow me to introduce, a new Podcast with two talented and funny guys. It is Grits N Gravy A podcast with The Local Legend himself Bubba Whoop Ass Wilson and up and coming funny man Vic Clevenger .

This new show will bring you musical guests, funny bits and segments plus music and comedy from the duo, themselves, join us for many colorful conversations.

Follow the new show on Facebook Here We will post up as much information as possible on Facebook and also take your comments on pictures and stories then Air it out once a week, Friday at Noon EST. Follow us HERE  to download the show in case you miss any episode.

Join us LIVE and chat on Spreaker, or shoot us an email to to ask questions or be a part of the show, and as always

Viva La Indie,


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