The Circadian Cast Now with In-studio Guests !!

We always keep pushing, so now that we have all the LIVE broadcasting on lock down time for some In studio Guests..SO Tune In Tonight at 8pm EST HERE for a special LIVE 2 hour Circadian Cast to Celebrate Independence. Independent artists that is. We will talk with Orlando’s face melting rockers MILKA, we will chat about their new music and upcoming shows where you can catch them LIVE. Then at 9pm est we chat with a deep undercover rock star DJ Orlando’s Own Lola B from Queens of Noise to talk about the health of Orlando’ underground house vibe, plus The Queens of Noise and their opening up for a HOUSE music Legend, at The Social Here are the event details. EVENT

We want to keep bringing you LIVE interviews and play the music of originals and independents so thanks for all the great feedback as we keep going through growth spurts and the general broadening of our capabilities.

As always, Viva La Indie,



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