The JB WeBB Show EP 74 Christian Ryan

via IFTTTHey Welcome back, we have been so bad at being regular, with The JB WeBB Show, because we are planning to flip the switch, and go all LIVE or something that does not require hours and hours of video rendering and producing and uploading, oh but that may never happen now this evergreen promotional interview format is still valid apparently. This return episode is all about a spectacular young man here in Orlando who plays the Saxophone for about a dozen different bands here in Central Florida, so in saying that he is always so busy. Christian Ryan is a dedicated and talented young feller , we get to have about a 20 minute chat to learn more about what motivates him and how he can keep everything straight, with playing with all types of different musicians, so check him out and as always keep supporting those talented people you may come across, they are everywhere. So for now we will hobble along as the voice of independent public internet radio and TV we will try to close out the season but it is just a joke now so onward we march and cheer ” Viva La Indie” JB

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