The JB WeBB Show EP77 Shannon Holt of SkinWars

via IFTTTHey this Last minute episode of our production is actually quite well deserved. We get to chat with Shannon Holt #artist and #bodypainter who will be a contestant on an upcoming GSN show called Skinwars check it here
We get to hear about being on a reality show and just a smudge of info about the first episode. Shannon also brings us back to her formal education in the Arts right up to modern day.
What a truly talented person, Shannon has been a benevolent supporter of The JB WeBB Show right from the beginning so it is great to see hard work pay off by getting an opportunity to show the world what you can do, we are rooting for you all the way..
gush gush sorry, Shannon has been working so hard she has a fine art body paint series about to be released, a new website about to launch and Tampa. We are positive she will stay busy and were happy to have some in-studio sessions with our very talented friends. Just for old times sake, we dig up archive sponsor reels and We roll a bit of older footage with music at the end, So enjoy that as the #bombshellbodyart brand and name NOW proudly falls under the WJBW Networks brand, we are open to ideas on how to build a performing arts company perhaps so reach out , ok I am rambling this is not about me.
Shannon Holt Artist and Body Painter Works to build anew brand based on her actual name and we could not be more excited and supportive so check her out on this show and root for Orlando !!
Stay tuned for More of our independent #quasiradiowebshow we are working hard to continue to bring you original content.
Viva La Indie JB.

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