The JB WeBB Show EP78 Jessica Pawli

via IFTTTWelcome back to our continuing effort to entertain, inform,document and promote talented people from across the country. These past several episodes we have really concentrated on Orlando, because so much great talent is right here in our own backyard. Without Jessica Pawli being involved in the Orlando music scene there would be a hole, dear Liza A Hole. Jessica has for years been a promoter,organizer ,radio personality and general all around supporter of the great Orlando music community. She has her own voice and you can tune into that voice on WPRK in Orlando, for some of her favorite morning music. Besides all this hard work to coordinate events and help promote these talented musicians Jessica is always busy bringing Orlando consistency,and of course great musical acts. We chat about the upcoming Southern Fried Sunday event, as once a year they monthly event usually centered at Will’s Pub in the Mills50 district, well they do something for charity. This year Jessica has worked to help a local organization called the Mustard seed which helps people in need due to no fault of their own right here in Orlando and local counties.So got to chat with Jessica as she was opening up The Milk Bar, Jessica shares exciting information regarding her involvement in working with the Milk Bar to bring music and other cool things to the Milk District, plus we chat about the upcoming Southern Fried Sunday Event, plus her Radio show at WPRK. We were so happy to keep bringing you people doing great work in our community, as Jessica is truly a Music Activist, a promoter, and general tent pole in our beloved Orlando music community, so belly up and enjoy the conversation and come out this weekend for the southern fried charity event, here are details
Keep supporting independents, and as always Viva La INdie, JB

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