The JB WeBB Show EP 80 Patrick Scott Barnes

via IFTTTHey Now, what the what? In this episode we chat with Orlando’s Own Patrick Scott Barnes, you may know him from his constant efforts in Orlando for like the past twenty years. Our show really admires this guy just due to his torch bearing here min Orlando, of open mic nights poetry readings to special DJ nights, Patrick has had his hand in so many cool events and specialty nights here in Orlando it is amazing. Join us for a chat with this prolific blogger and Poet. We talk about his blog which is really getting some attention and so it should, as you will learn Patrick basically is working to document Orlando events ,. districts, downtown and cool hangouts and local favorites. Patrick brings complicated topics into the light and spins them up for you with mealy words and pictures born of true grit. Anyway, he is a big inspiration for what we do here at WJBW. Please enjoy this episode dedicated to one of Orlando’s best poet and Bloggers Patrick Scott Barnes. cheers, JB

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