The JB WeBB Show EP81 Local Legend Supreme “Jim Philips”

via IFTTTWe come back with a BANG !! I am such a dork but I do not know many people who do not just Love Jim Philips and what he has done in and for Central Florida for the past thirty years. We bestow this interview with the one time only title of Local Legend Supreme.
Jim Philips is the host of the Philips Phile on weekdays from 3pm to 7pm broadcasting all across Central Florida on the FM talk Powerhouse Real Radio 104.1 WTKS. Jim has been instrumental in motivating voters along the I-4 corridor for years, plus he and the team also get behind several charities every year. Join us as Jim shares how important having the right cast members is and the proof is in the product.. So just listen or keep listening to this Radio legend’s Talk show as it is always an entertaining show. The games and bits that Jim and the crew created not only have great staying power they draw fans and listeners once a year out to Universal studios city walk for a LIVE session of Phace the Phile. In this interview Jim shares with us about about his history growing up and then literally stumbling into radio journalism, and inadvertently a healthy career being the voice of Central Florida.
Anyway I could keep gushing, but enjoy this episode a one time only Local Legend Supreme because he deserves it, and we are so humbled to actually had Jim give us the time of day to chat on the phone just a half an hour before his LIVE broadcast, oh and big thanks to Jack Bradshaw for helping me to get the interview.
Here is the blog site
from that link you can hear the show virtually anywhere in the world. So if you are just discovering The Philips Phile, we are happy to turn you onto the only radio program of it’s kind , or something like that and to steal a phrase, The Fun starts at 3:01
Cheers and Please enjoy..JB

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