The JB WeBB Show EP82 What is The Circadian Cast ?

via IFTTTSo hey I am blowing on episode on myself, wait no, I am investing an episode on myself. I have been doing a podcast stream LIVE here
(besides this web show..) dedicated to original music for almost a year now and as most new growth we were almost choked out, then people started sending us music from all across the country, then we discovered we became an endorser and harvest music from that site and bring it to you, as it is all original, check the artists exceptions for how their music can be used.. Keep that in mind when using, however we have a humble small audience of under 100 but they are all across the country and world which is almost better than having 1000 in one area. So the reason we are spending time interviewing “ourselves” oops..he said ourselves..we meant myself..yes..didnt we precious…oh the reason// yes. is to promote The circadian Cast send us your original music for airplay OH and also we only have 18 episodes left before the end of The JB WeBB Show, we are moving our efforts into more of an audio space so check out everything we do here… Oh ya and we are simulcasting Via Youtube and Spreaker so if this doesn’t work or if it does I told you so , so there… viva la indie JB

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