The JB WeBB Show EP 83 Local Legend Craig Tracy

via IFTTTHey Hey after all of the craziness in the world that the super moon caused….think about it…hold ..ok, We are pleased to bring you a local legend interview (out of state edition) (because he attended college here it counts).. The godfather of body painting…How dare you!! he is not that old….ok all joshing aside…the legendary Craig Tracy.. Craig Now resides in New Orleans and has a famous gallery where you can purchase photographs of his works of art..oh ya and he is also a judge on Skin Wars The new body painting realty show on GSN here is the link for that
We get to chat a bit with Craig about the show and learn of his roots in New Orleans, and hear about how he has worked in this ancient art form now for over 20 years. His portfolio is so Impressive and his work astonishing, a true talent. We are happy to see the growth of body painting as an art form, and so delighted to be able to share the work of a legendary character Like Craig Tracy, that we surprised him with the Local legend title event though he only went to college here in Florida the way we are not following any rules this fits in perfectly. So please enjoy this Local Legend interview with the renowned Craig Tracy and view his work via cheers and viva la indie..JB

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