The JB WeBB Show EP 84 Josh Otterbacher

via IFTTTWelcome back to our humble production with a cult following..or so we have been told.. Anyway we have a great interview with a talented Orlando artist Josh Otterbacher. Josh creates incredible images with dark and disturbing images, in an innocent way, perhaps. His art is very unique and can be likened to looking a fire right in the eyes. Enjoy the conversation as Josh shares a bit obout his objectives to make people chuckle or think and laugh..maybe out of fear, or maybe it is just genuine amazement at his skills. HGe has a show up at the Hammered Lamb in Orlando, unsure for how long, but do aweb search with Josh Otterbach Art and his work will pop up. We keep it going to 100 episodes, as we bring you a look at Orlando Underground artists and musicians, and of course activists, in our city beautiful..the Bsides… cheers and please enjoy, oh you can check out what we have been doing via our blog here
cheers JB

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