The JB WeBB Show EP 86 Chris Tobar Rodriguez

via IFTTTYes Yes, Three in one day our independent series keeps chugging along only 14 episodes left.This episode we get to talk with a very talented artist and visual promoter, of fresh thoughts…it is Chris Tobar. will make your jaw drop then kick you in the ass to pick that jaw back up..Chris is talented due to his true ability to create iconic images, and these images don’t just come in and go out his ability to express so much with an image, is highly commendable. We get to hear about his background and incredible drive. Chris has been working hard even as alias’s to ensure Orlando knows he cares. Many of Orlando’s artists are strong due to the continued encouragement of this art community in Orlando. We keep bringing you the talents of Orlando worthy of Note..that is not to offend anyone if we missed you or just were not able to hook the end of this series we will announce a new concept LIVE a/v show for the arts..everywhere…well hit us up on our mother site..
Viva la indie..JB

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