The JB WeBB Show EP 88 Vic Clevenger

via IFTTTHey what’s up, how are you? Say hello to your mother for me.. Ok, well…not really but We are back with an interview of a different type of Artist it is the Comedic Artist Vic Clevenger. I had the pleasure to work with him on a new podcast called Grits n Gravy So I thought great I would like to interview a comedian so we set up a time to talk and learned more about Vic’s origins into comedy plus where he sees the direction of his own unique brand going. Check out this funny man, at and he is doing shows all around the country plus right here at HQ in Orlando and surrounding areas. We keep chugging along in order to close out this fourth and final season, so enjoy a chat with a funny guy that could be the offspring of Larry the cable guy and Ron White if that were possible..anyway cheers and Viva La indie…JB

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