The JB WeBB Show EP 90 Daniel Pacchioni WPRK Local Heroes

via IFTTTHey whats crackin slags ? Us #nobigwhoop We are plowing up to 100 episodes with a swiftness. This Episode 90 we get to talk Daniel Pacchioni of WPRK Local Heroes radio show. Daniel has worked for a few years now shining alight on deserving talents here in Central Florida and state wide, I believe. Daniel tells us a bit about the history of the Local heroes hour, which was crafted into more of a talk show with great music, a few years ago with Daniel at the Inception. The byproduct of the radio show is a well produced video of the LIVE performance of the musicians it airs over on YouTube..
go check out these videos they are done very well, by the group at Reel Feel Recordings

The show airs on WPRK Wednesdays from 5pm to 7pm and Daniel and the crew do a great job of delving deeper to understand each artists background to produce an entertaining and informative show. In fact with the closing of our show we pass the digital baton over to Daniel, to keep a light shining on those locals who do great things in our community art, music and activism. Talented and riven Daniel is working hard to bring you something unique and special in the format of Community and college radio, so support these efforts got to
to find out how you can support and get involved ..please enjoy..JB

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