The JB WeBB Show EP 91 Local Legend Billy Manes
via IFTTTCharging ever forward to the end of the series, we are thankful for the time provided by this local legend, he is smart, witty, and a whiz bang maestro with words. We interview Local Legend Billy Manes from the Orlando weekly.Billy shares insight into his origins of becoming the wonderfully on point voice of Orlando, also a great voice for the LGBT community here in Orlando and abroad. with the welcome reception to a story he told in a column that was turned into a touching documentary. We talk with Billy about the movie, the process of losing a loved one and other plenty of things that give us additional insight into this creative character. Here is the amazon link to get the movie right away.

Also Billy’s work can be found on the Orlando weekly website here is a link to his archives

Keep supporting independents like Billy who really contribute huge amounts of authentic character, and support those artists and activist in your community that push change cry out for social justice and equality.. so for now cheers and viva la indie..JB

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