The JB WeBB Show EP 92 Artist CRO DADI
via IFTTTWelcome friends to the very fiber of this show. Designed to allow you to meet someone new without leaving your seat. And bring recognition to people to that are working hard to do their ART.Music or Cause So Exactly when I found CRO and his works online, so i said this guy is like the reason why i wanted to create the show so hell yes, bro, CRO. Let’s make some ART..oh I am getting carried away, well no wonder CRO Dadi.only posted a fraction of his works online. We learn of new unions for CRO and we are convinced you can see now that he has got a true passion for ART and will continue to be uncovered in years to come. but wow that was lot…this guy rocks, please allow me to introduce CRO DADI.
for contact email contact CRO at
Viva la indie… our final season marches on..hang tight..JB

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