The JB WeBB Show EP 94 Local Legend Jim Jackson
via IFTTTHey hey it is a very talented local legend artist that consumes our episode 94. The man Jim Jackson renowned artist with works of ART all over the world, Jim is such a genuine guy and is a great friend, so this interview JB and Jim hung out in studio and Jim shares some crazy stories and also how he first became involved with ART. Jim has murals and ART all across the country and continues to create art, Jim skill as a photo-realist with oil paintings is just out right brilliant. We swear he should be the next Bob Ross, and we may just be helping him set up that kind of show ..after this never ending season.of course. Jim has over 20 years as a working artist which is no easy feat in itself. Plus Jim also has a great track record of creating world class art for charity events, this guy is a true rock n roll ARTSTAR. We get real loosey goosey on this one so..Please enjoy a great conversation with a talented and gifted artists, Jim Jackson, ,, for contact la indie..JB

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