The JB WeBB Show EP 96 Local Legend Dave Segal
via IFTTTIt is with the utmost sincerity, that I say to you, this guy in this episode was a true inspiration into the creation of The JB WeBB Show. For years before I even created this show, Dave could be seen at the best Live music Venues, that guy with dreads and the bad ass camera… capturing the city beautiful beautiful and talented musicians and artists. So to have him in studio was great, Dave is a genuine and hardworking guy who truly cares about shining alight on deserving talents..sound familiar yet??
Anyway Dave shares insight into the legacy he has created, and the trials and tribulation of fronting such an independent effort, was ahead of it’s time. is an institution around here in Orlando and most of the state of Florida.. due to the fact that Dave has done a superlative job of actually document live music and art performances from some of the most talented musicians and artists around. The best part is that Dave is nor finished yet he intends on working to catalog all of his recordings and possibly creating a membership based site, so we all can see shows from years ago and in present day, so subscribe to his YouTube page here
As most know Orlando back in the 90’s we had some prolific rockers and Dj’s and a unique music scene recognized around the country.. Dave has been through all that..and we hope he will be with us filming all of Orlando’s greatness and this concept can spread across the country.. So please enjoy our conversation with the Local Legend Dave Segal and help support his effort in anyway you can….cheers JB

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