The JB WeBB Show EP 97 Local Legend Tom Vann
via IFTTTRock the spot.. we are on schedule to hit the 100 mark..Friday..This episode is one of my favorite personalities ,it is Local Legend Tom Vann. You may recall the beloved radio personality “Drunky the Bear”, well that was Tom Vann or definitely was, because Tom is a part of the legendary podcast Duo “Tom and Dan” of Tom fits into our model for Local legend due to how many times he has risked his Life doing crazy stunts on The Monsters of The Morning radio show, and now working with Daniel Dennis they create #podio let me explain a “#podio is a recorded podcast style show on the radio their show is on Real Radio 104.1 Wednesday nights at seven pm .like I am Wikipedia or something Anyway…Oh ya and also they have a huge membership base of #BDM subscribers who get extra content each week, and insight into special event nights or legendary stuff like the 5-15-15 Cruise to the Bahamas.. check the link this guy is made of the stuff of Legend, a new father, a hilarious and well spoken entertainer and local celebrity dare I say.. Yes, Yes I do.. Please meet Tom Vann Local Legend. We look forward to many more years of Tom Vann style comedy and observations on everyday life. Tom shares some of his back story and also some unheard information about some of the stunts also we get further insight into running a podcast empire along with Daniel Dennis. A genuine hardworking talent.. Orlando seems to be full of these kinds of characters we are happy just to be able to document their “badassness” wait check that word..or whatever.. so.. Please enjoy. cheers and Viva La Indie..JB

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