The JB WeBB Show EP 99 Johanna O’Donnell
via IFTTTWe close out these produced episodes and the never ending series… with a highly talented artist based out of Orlando.. it is Johanna O’Donnell go like her FB page here
I have been a huge fan of her quirky and piercing and highly skilled work for years now and am so happy to have had the opportunity to showcase the great imagery she produces , just freaking incredible.. so without any further gushing from me, plus this is writing description thing ..aghh I am finally done with the show so freakin share the show and together everyone grows, thanks to all who allowed me to showcase your talents over the past four years..join us tomorrow night for our LIVE series Finale here
Then we go into a new AUDIO only world, with some video productions along the thanks again to everyone who has been apart of this four year long social experiment.. and for old times sake #Kissmytaco and #vivalaindie…JB

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