WJBW Birthday Resurrection Special Season 5 Premiere

Well It was bound to occur..Each week after this launch we plan on doing a LIVE production so the original #quasiradiowebshow is back and there is no web show only #quasiwebradioshow so we changed it around.,. Update that on WIKI somebody.. Oh anyway we will have a DUAL Local Legend interview with two talented and funny guys, Dave and Steve from Orlando founding bands, CLUJ and Alter Ego. We are the show that honors talented people with a conversational style interview.. dump a little praise ask a question dump a little praise and repeat..this open forum of a show is a LIVE internet broadcast…found here http://www.spreaker.com/show/the-jb-webb-show so you can chat live via @spreaker or when the phones are open call in 407-379-9529

This Birthday Resurrection Special is fondly named “Re-CLUJ-ion” We will have some archived music on hand for all those swelling memories So the FB event is public and can be found here… https://www.facebook.com/events/942946239049446/

So turn us up wherever you are partying for St. Paddy’s Day as it is actually JB WeBB’s Bday and a great night to resurrect the show that venerates talented people, very deserving talented people that is more info on the way follow us here or there or on FB .

Here are some totally unrelated pictures…

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