Choose your Weapon

Hey Hey hope all is well in your digital world..I had too many dirty martinis this weekend so im feeling it..oh i need to remember to cut that out …anyway..So here we are at our 7th straight LIVE IN Studio guest for our resurrection of The JB WeBB Show….First off starting tomorrow .we are moving our start time from 6 pm ish to 7 pm sharp plus we have added a most talented co host to the cast.. in one Mr. Michael King.. or..MK to you …But his second week on the job and he sets up an in studio interview with the talented Richard Johnson.. Richard will be in studio to share some insight in his recent collection of spectacular conversation starting images.. check this site for all the details

I am using a detailed image of all the details for the event as not to spoil any of your viewing of these impactful images..


Richards work will be showing at The Orange Studio This Thursday May 7th..the event is Curated by our friends at Snap! here is the link to buy tickets…as this is a limited one time showing..tune into our program tomorrow 7pm est..and hear about Richard’s concept behind these moving is a youtube video to give you some additional flavor SO… hang out on and chat live Spreaker call in or just shut and listen… click here to listen as we get it on at est..

and most importantly go out and support Orlando’s talents we have interviewed thus far as we will have more on the way so stay tuned..


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