On The Next.. WJBW

Hey Hey …what it is,, brothers and sisters…This week we have our 9th LIVE in studio guest. We are just going to keep on going until we break something. This week Tuesday evening 7pm ish.. we get to Chat with a multipurpose Orlando personality. Jerry Johnson known quite well across Orlando, for his years and years of  DJ escapades,So expect some good stories.. plus we will discuss his recent role as a curator of stories. Jerry worked to help start up a monthly event here in Orlando called “Under the Influence” First Thursday night of each new month at Lil Indies . This concept is original and interesting, in overview, some of Orlando’s coolest personalities Gather at Lil Indies to tell stories about their influences, Oh and drink great CRAFT COCKTAILS of course. We also have MK in studio , and we will try to do a live read for our new sponsor TWIST Hair Studio So sit back and enjoy another batch of homebrewed elixir we call The JB WeBB Show cheers..JB…also feel free to yell at us, anytime 407-379-9529 of chat live via Spreaker , oh ya ..The pic below is Jerry sitting with Drew Garabo, which we are borrowing..so…ok..then



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