ON the Next WJBW EP 121 “Deeper Shade of Soul”

Welcome back little doggies.. whoo ha.. #OHYES …we have a heaping helping on independent content for you this week..

We interview this guy in October of last year as a #locallegend so We will have the one and only Father of Daddies and one of Orlando’s Favorite Son’s. MANDADDY in studio to hang out and chat #locallegendreconnect plus talk about the Huge reunion show for As part of Will’s 20th Anniversary Weekend…BUGHEAD with  Junkie Rush and Gargamel! With the potential for a Mystery Call In From A West Coast Out of State Local Legend this will be a classic line up of yesterday and today here is the FB event info ,, PLUS.. 7:30 ish We are expecting to have a call with The Talented and Soulful Troubadour Evan Taylor Jones we also have some great music from Evan, to loop in between these interviews sessions. Plus.. Now included with extra fortified #BreakingNewsBadly with #MSInformation call in reporter… so we have tons of stuff going on Join us This coming Tuesday night 7/28/15 7pm ish from this LIVE streaming Audio LINK

ETJ pic bugheadpic mdthumb ms informationcropped-bklogablip.jpg

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