“Beatmakers Edition” VIA ..WJBW Blogging Follies!!

#OHYES, the world news giving you the blues? well hustle over to our place where we venerate talented people, this episode we have the :Beatmakers Edition with a Local Legend interview with the legendary DJ AK1200  https://twitter.com/ak1200  at 7:30 pm EST…then at about 8pm EST we will talk with Chris Prythm 1/4th of @iLLiteracy Hip hop group from up north..follow him here https://twitter.com/chrisprythm

plus breaking some news badly.. and your calls 407-379-9529 join us LIVE tomorrow night 11/17/15 7pm ish.. via live stream here..


Join myself @radiojbwebb AND @revjerr as we work to entertain and inform.. ROCK



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