It’s Official #BreakingBeatsBoldy :WJBW Blogging Follies..

He was on the brink of throwing it all away when he realized he could Raise his commitment level and accomplish more…More than ever before..As he awkwardly chronicled his own quiet conquering of self loathing. The story Starts over once again… Oh I’ll save all that garbly goop for the book…JB WeBB Here..


Welcome back one and all to the Big Fat Honking Hype machine that is this blog post… We welcome back into our fold a personality of the opposite gender the one and only ,,,Jillicious . Jill H From Twist Hair Studio is back in studio riding the co host double shot gun with Jerry J #the Reverend..


This week as well as welcoming back Jillicious, The Reverend will also be providing interviews with  a special lineup of  DJ’s who are playing a special AAHZ installment called “These Are The Breaks”


We invite your calls of AAHZ memories 407-379-9529 or just hang tight and listen in for some uncharted and potentially overly potential chemical reactions with the addition of a female co a holiday week reunion of sorts followed by some deep chats with some of Orlando’s famed DJ’s with all the engines humming you won’t want to miss this plus we may have surprises callers and somethings to give away.. perhaps maybe perhaps.. uh hem.. so anyway catch up on any past episodes HERE

Join us for a one of kind night..We are LIVE Streaming EVERY Tuesday night 7pm-ish est from this SITE  ….VIVA LA INDIE ……JB


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