Up Next…#LocalLegend Brian Chodorcoff “WJBW Blogging Follies”

What it do all you fly girls and guys..? Welcome back to the part you read before the part you listen to..What..anyway. This week on WJBW aka The Jb WeBB Show offers and in studio session with one of Orlando’s premier guitar maestros it’s Brian Chodorcoff in studio.about 8pm est…We of course will delve into Brian’s Musical history… He has been in scores of legendary Orlando bands and is always creating something new.. So all that & along with his tireless persistence.. Brian is a HUGE asset to the Orlando Music community and abroad.. We are very Excited to have him share some stories..


Plus there is more.. we will also be chatting about the 7th Annual Orlando Tribute to Jimi Hendrix..(props to whoever did that image for the event) here is is again with all the details on it just like an old school rock poster this event will have everything.. Jeff Nolan..Matt Lapham..Anthony Cole.. of course Brian Chodorcoff himself plus Roland Simmons..Bobby Koelble and a homecoming special show with Marcus Machado.. all details on poster


So Join us LIVE Here this and every Tuesday night 7pm ish.. as we work our way through the talented people all across the country.. and of course we focus on our beloved Orlando..Of Course #the Reverend will be in studio and potentially  #Jillicious and of course we will #breaknewsbadly with our guest, if Brian can hang around..unless we get him to play something for us all.. Oh Ya this whole event is designed to help The local Fern creek elementary  food pantry program so if you bring 4 cans of Food you get a free drink.or a Poster… or so I have heard.. Wait they are telling me this IS true..I am right.. but don’t be bringing in no 20 cans of food..and expect.. 5 drinks..oh wait I am being told you can do that but you just get the one drink.. and 4 posters..oh Wait.. now I am being told to stop writing this post and eat some dinner..so ok.. I’m going to go with that.. see ya on the flip-flop…. back to you on the Internet.. #OHYES #Vivalaindie.. JB


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