Two For ONe #locallegendreconnect Interviews:WJBW Blogging Follies

Hey Hey, Welcome back  is something people say when they are glad to see you return to a place they own,manage or work at.. usually..But that has nothing to do with this post.. Well maybe it does..nevermind..I Want to thank the great Ralph Verano once again for his artist rendering of ME @radiojbwebb


We are honored to have interviewed so many cool and entertaining people over the past several years.. so we created this concept of a #locallegendreconnect to find out how those legendary figures are doing since our initial interview..Tuesday night your you get two for one. or Two for Tuesday or twice on tuesday..or, wait I am going way off the point..Of course we have The Reverend and Jillicious In studio.. So brace yourselves for almost anything…. and NOW ON TO the LIneup for Tuesday night 7pm ish est Live stream HERE

It brings me great JOY to report we will be chatting with Mr. Mitch English now a Morning Anchor On a FOX affiliate in Oklahoma city.. and he looks like he is thriving.. We will get the download from Mitch about 730 pm ish eastern time..


Then We will speak with the host of Orlando’s beloved Sunday Morning Radio program Sunday Morning Coming Down Mr Joseph Martens will call in about 8pm ish est.. and we will not only chat about his performances and radio show but also the good he is doing in our community with the the 12th Annual John Lennon Tribute Christmas Party Fundraiser.

Tons of Orlando greats playing the music of John lennon, in the lovely open spaces of the Mennello Museum of American Art

Here is a link to a video that explains the charity that benefits from the event and how and why you should help..  Music & Memory: Ipod project


So of course we will be #breakingnewsbadly and taking your calls 407-379-9529 so join us WJBW LIVE .. 7pm ish EST… #vivalaindie..JB




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