YOU are the SHOW Edition: WJBW Blogging Follies


Hey hey Slags and Donkeys… welcome back to a totally blindfolded edition of The show… 

We will have The Reverend and Jillicious in studio..I think and maybe a call from our new Youth correspondent?/ know only as M ….and YOU or course.. this is our “YOU are the SHOW edition.. similar to #goplugyourself only with no sexual innuendos.. well maybe we can stick in a few for good measure.. Too easy..We welcome YOU to participate this week 407-379-9529 is the telephone and 407-906-9328 is TEXT line or chat LIVE on spreaker… plug your gig or spout of about how great Donald Trump is or postulate will Howard Stern renew his contract..???  plus we will have Skype open @radiojbwebb user…

OK then,.. I’M OUT…Vivalaindie..JB



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