#MerryTwistmas LIVE Christmas Special: WJBW Blogging Follies

HO HO HO.. Tis the season for another LIVE Remote.. This time we will be broadcasting LIVE from inside of the wonderfully colorful and creative Twist Hair Studio All the location details on that clickable link we just passed so feel free to come and experience the show LIVE and maybe get a little TRIM…or maybe a BLOWOUT..OR..whatever.

We will have a Beefy DJ set’s all night from resident #ClubTwist #DJHuggie.. and maybe #theReverend … PLus of course JB WEBB will attempt to get a haircut from Jillicious ON AIR.. JB’s very nervous about that,, but we will see how that goes.. but.. wait There is MORE..


We will have some special guests helping to sit in and commentate what is happening ya know small talk gossip..or gum chewing or ..well.. simply JOIN US when we Broadcast LIVE from TWIST Hair Studio and help transform it into #ClubTwist for a LIVE Twistmas special..


We will have the Legendary #Reverend on hand we will be taking your calls also.. 407-379-9529 so join us for this HUGE LIVE interactive event.. Tuesday night 7pm is we kick it LIVE via The JB WeBB Show cheer and to Happy New Year.. #vivalaindie….JB




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