Creative Entrepreneurs Edition :WJBW Blogging Follies

Hey Hey, Welcome back to the part you read before the part when you will listen. Every Tuesday night right around 7pm EST we fire up the BEAST of Original content.. Join us here for LIVE streaming  . We offer an overflowing episode of talent on the Next edition of WJBW



We will have Tiffany A Davis aka TADS..Owner of Tad of Style in studio and we will discuss her blossoming career as a personal stylist shop owner and all around Fashion Maven.. Follow on social Here


Then about 8pm EST. We expect a call from a very creative guy named Mark Sunderland of many creative branding and digital ad campaigns so dig his body of work here.. and his great music site Here




Of Course we will be kicking off the New year right with The Reverend and Jillicious in studio.. we will be #breakingnewsbadly and adding anew bit called #HonorableMentions people we think deserve a little shout out, or plug, because they are busting their ass to help grow Art, Music or for a particular Cause.. for example an Honorable mention to those hard working Dj’s at Ear Theater .. ok Get it ?? So basically what we have been doing for the last 6 years..but in more of a statement than a show..anyways/… Give us a jingle anytime 407-379-9529 or text us at 407-9029328 of simply connect to spreaker via FB or Twitter and chat LIVE during the show.. We are WJBW and are one of the most persistent and growing LIVE Audio show of its kind … so the year 2016 kicks off with some serious Independent talent..Join us and slags// #Vivalaindie..  JB






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